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diego dalla palma professional SPACE is much more than a treatment room: it is an attractive environment appealing all senses. The essential and elegant design of Italian style increases the perceived value of the services offered, securing customers’ loyalty and boosting sales, as consumers want to feel part of a world that they can take home by buying our products. Our furnishing has a simple and innovative design, consistent with the style of the brand and is protected by exclusive patent, making every centre a one of a kind enviroment.



A strong synergy established with professionals in the world of architecture, design and visual merchandising has now resulted in the creation of the new division of Interior Design inside our group. The purpose is to act on the demands of  customers, offering  restyling of some specific areas in beauty institutes, total renovation of the beauty institute, real birth of the new beauty institutes. A division inside our group dedicated to make your customers’ dreams come true, because in the end dreams are just ideas.



“tailor made” means designing spaces together with customers. It could be better identify it like an “architectural tailor’s shop” where every customer will have his beauty institute “tailor made” unique and indistinguishable. Particular elements of furniture and a careful assortment of colors, materials and finishings for a renovation of the shop that means the project office inside the group is able to create with the customer the project next to his taste and needs. The versatility of the format and the modularity of the tools makes possible for customers to participate in the planning of the space they dream of.



Starting from the concept, the project of every beauty institute won’t follow just aesthetic rules. It will be able to combine aesthetic creativity and commercial efficiency through the qualified figure of the visual merchandiser. The purpose of the service is to put emphasis on the distinctive trait of the product, through managing the exposition inside the shop. Image consulting oriented to trade.

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