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Whatever the kind of biological ageing of
your skin, ICON TIME™ has a solution to
suit every stage in your life.

SUPERMASK™ - Anti-age repairing mask

8 single-use mask soaked with serum

Intensive, replenishing treatment which restores vitality and youth to the complexion in just
a couple of minutes. With two-layer DOUBLE SKIN POWER MASK technology for a
deep penetration of the active ingredients.

SUPERMASK™ - Soothing relax mask for eyes and critical points – 8
single-use hydrogel mask

it enhances the complexion in just a couple of minutes for a more relaxed, rested result.
Hydrogel structure, highly adhesive. It acts on the whole eye area - from temple to
temple - and on critical areas like the lips and the nose-mouth area which are often marked
by deep wrinkles.



3 Serums, 3 Precious Metals, 3 Actions


Symbol of a precious triple bond against the passage of time.


THREE highly concentrated anti-age oil serums, conceived to fight the skin aging through a synergic
action: they stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and at the same time reduce the wrinkle depth, to reveal a  smoother appearance and a more elastic and soft skin.

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